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Daddy & Baby Bear Set


Who could resist this happy duo of Papa and his baby bear! These whimsical toys are filled with activity and discovery and the set features a large 14” plush daddy bear and 6” plush baby bear. The Woodours (which literally means ‘wood bear’) tells the story of daddy bear, as strong as an oak tree but as gentle as the leaves, and his baby bear who share many adventures together. There are many interactive elements to these lovely toys including: papa’s removable crinkly flower or fishing pole, if you pull the fish out of the tackle bag it will wriggle its way back inside, a squeaky nose and velcro hands that enable baby bear to hang off papa’s nose and hold his hand. There is even space in Papa bear’s trunk-like tummy for the little bear to hide.

  • Size: Papa bear 14 inches and baby 6 inches
  • Made from: plush fur and mixed fabrics

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